Manual Thermo Molding Machine

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Product Serial : QC-677A
Manual Thermo Molding Machine

This machine has two separated (up and down) heating plates. It use jack to make two plates to clamp and set the plastic or rubber material into the mold than press start bottom to heating, molding, cooling to make the raw material forming. It can do physical property of test, color comparison and as the sample used in mass-producing purposes. Standard assort with the touch panel in guided conversation style screen, user can precisely and smoothly to proceed with test. User can easily have the defined unit calculated value from the built-in unit. Also, display the graph on panel for user to control testing immediacy information like force, time, and temperature.


Industry:Rubber, plastic

Model QC-677A
Pressure(Tons) 10、20、30、50 (Tons)。Or specified capacity
Units Temperature:℃、℉
Force :kgf、gf、tonf(long)、tonf(short)、lbf、ozf、kN、N、tonf(SI)
Temperature Room temperature ~ 300℃
Temperature range Temperature rise rate:50℃ to 150℃  within 18 minutes
Cooling rate:150℃ to 50℃  within 10 minutes
Cooling method Cooling water circulation(optional)
Size of heating- plate 25x25cm(standard) 30×30 cm (optional)
Interval distance between heating plates 60~80 mm(adjustable)
Accessory forming mold for specimen 1set
Control 7” touch panel
Display Immediacy Force、Temperature、Graph
Power Single phase,220V/50Hz or 60Hz
Dimension 53×62×145 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 10 tons: about 200kg
20 tons: about 250kg
30 tons: about 300kg
50 tons: about 350kg
  • QC-603 Manual Specimen Punching Machine
  • QC-603A & QC-603C Pneumatic Specimen Punch
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