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Product Serial : QC-603A、QC-603C
Pneumatic Specimen Punch

QQC-603A of power is pneumatic with hand safety switch design, so there will be no security problem in operation. The tester with all kind of cutter can quickly cut out various shapes of specimen. It is suitable for paper, rubber, plastic and leather…etc. of all kind of soft material. It can match with all kind of cutter to cut different type of specimen


QC-603C has been improved from QC-603A manual specimen punching machine, the main change are using empty oil conversion to increase whole machine of output and can cutting hard material. This tester of power is pneumatic with and safety switch design and there will be no security problem in operation. In addition to use soft material, also applicable in textile, plastic sheet, high toughness and large thickness sample.


These series models not only can cutting specimen but also do lamination material. The feature is small size with easy operation.


Industry: Rubber, Plastic, textile

Model QC-603A QC-603C
Material Rubber, soft plastic (shore A under 90 degree), leather Rigid plastic (Shore A above 90 degree), fabric
Platen Size
Upper platenφ145 mm
ectangle platen for option)
Lower platen260 x 230 mm
Upper platen:35 ×16cm
Lower platen:38 x 28cm
Stroke 100 mm 20 mm
Output force 900 kg 3000 kg
Power supply Pneumatic(excluding compressor)
3 ~ 6 kg/cm²
Accessory Cutting board
Optional Cutter
All kind of cutter type, please refer to as below or optional
Feature ※easy to operate, power-saving, time-saving
※Dual switches to increase safety factor
Dimension 35 × 43 × 69 cm 40 x 38 x 107 cm
Weight 55 kg 80 kg

Cutter type(Optional)


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