Manual Specimen Punching Machine

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Product Serial : QC-603
Manual Specimen Punching Machine

QC-603 can be with variety of cutter to cut the specimen or standard shape of specimen for do tensile strength, tear, elongation, aging and sample…ect of test. It is suitable cutting material: paper, rubber, soft plastic and foam…etc of soft materials.


Industry: Rubber, Plastic

Model QC-603
Suit for material rubber, soft plastic and leather, etc.
Pressing Board area 70×150mm
Accessories Cushion board one piece
Operation method Steering wheel to descend cutter and punch specimen
Optional accessories Cutter, please provide specimen dimension to customized
Dimension 42 × 42 × 75 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 65 kg

Cutter type(Optional)

Test Video         Teaching material SOP        Test Case

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