Melt Flow Index Tester

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Product Serial : QC-652S
Melt Flow Index Tester
Confirm to ASTMD1238, D3364, ISO1133, GB- T3682 Standard
This tester can test thermoplastic melt mass flow rate(MFR) and melt volume flow rate(MVR), QC-652S build-in ISO/ASTM standards test methods, operative picture is adopted touch panel guided conversation style screen, user can precisely and smoothly to proceed with test, build-in analysis function and with flash drive save function.

Optional accessories can be selected according to different materials properties, such as high flow materialblock mechanism or MVR displacement test mechanism to proceed with various tests.

Industry : Plastic
Temperature Option B Type:50~320℃
C Type:50~400℃
Test Temperature, T Maximum allowable deviation from required test temperature
At (10±1) mm above the top surface of the standard die From (10±1) mm to (70±1) mm above the top surface of the standard die
125 ≦ T <250 ±1℃ ±2℃
250 ≦T<300 ±1℃


300 ≦T ±1℃ ±3℃
Counter accuracy ±0.01s
Piston push rod weight 100g
Automatic cut Interval time 1-300 seconds can be set
Heater size 9.55±0.01mm
Hole mold 2.095±0.005mm
Counter weight Stainless steel 1100g, 2060g、3700g、4900g、9900g、12400g、19900g、21500g
(Optional) (rod weight 100g)
Accessories Cleaning brush、measuring cups、funnel and Die calibrationplug gauge
Weight 40Kg(machine weight)
Dimension 47x38x48cm (47x38x60 with MVR part)
Optional 1. Material block mechanism for high MI value.
2. MVR mechanism (for B method)
(the machine has built-in A and B method mode, the above items can be installed by user.)
3. Corrosion-resistant heated barrel is optional.
Power 220 V Single phase 50 Hz/60Hz, 7A
  • Cometech reserves ultimate modification right of product specification.
Standard Accessories
These are standard accessories.
Die, cleaning brush, measuring cups, funnel, Die calibration plug gauge.

These are optional accessories.
Select the suitable weights according to the requirement. 1100g, 2060g, 3700, 4900g, 9900g, 12400g, 19900g, 21500g (Stainless steel) ( The weight of rod 100g should be added additionally)

This is optional accessory.
MVR( Melt Volume Rate) is suitable for high MFR sample. We suggest to select when MI value is over 30.

High MI value material block mechanism
This is optional accessory.
This mechanism is suitable for high flow rate sample. It is used to avoid material flow out of die during the beginning of test when input the test sample.

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