QC-652B/C/D/E Melt Flow Index Tester

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Product Serial : QC-652B/C/D/E
QC-652B/C/D/E Melt Flow Index Tester
Confirm to ASTMD1238, D3364, ISO1133, GB- T3682 Standard
Melt Flow Index Tester can test thermoplastic melt mass flow rate (MFR) and melt volume flow rate (MVR), also known as MI or MFI. The Flow Indexer QC-652B can perform ISO/ ASTM standards test methods, equip with touch panel that guide user to precisely and smoothly proceed with test. The melt flow tester also has analysis function and flash drive save function.

Optional accessories can be selected according to different materials properties for melt flow testing, such as high flow material block mechanism or MVR volume test mechanism to proceed with various tests.

Industry : Plastic, Medical Product, Mask
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