Manual Thermo Molding Machine

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Product Serial : QC-677T
Manual Thermo Molding Machine
This model is built to form raw materials into samples for testing or color matching. Automated molding steps: Put raw materials into molds then place it between compression heating plates to press the air out, heat up the material, and cool it down with water cooling system (optional). It can also be used for basis factory mass production. With our latest and interactive controller users can understand setting and process easily. Real-time data for force, time and temperature will be provided to users for instant control. And our various selections of data units can save users a lot of time from calculating.
Model QC-677T
Pressure(Tons) 5、10 ton (optional)
Units Temperature:℃、℉
Temperature Room temperature ~ 300℃
Heating time 50℃→150℃ take 18mins
Cooling time 150℃→60℃ take 10mins
Cooling method Water cooling system
Size of heating- plate 15x15cm
Distance between heating plate 60~80 mm (Adjustable)
Accessories Sample mold*1 (Dimension:10x10x0.2 cm)
Control 7” touch screen
Display Instant feedback on force and temperature
Power Single phase,220V/50Hz or 60Hz
Dimension 69×35×75 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 110 kg

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