QC-674A Programmable Hot Press

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Product Serial : QC-674
QC-674A Programmable Hot Press

Programmable Hot Press QC-674A can form the plastic or rubber material into a plate by stable pressurizing and heating for preparing development usage's sample, product producing, flattening specimens, etc. The interface of the touch screen is very simple for setting and learning. This machine supports an 8-stage setting for different pressure and compression time, and it makes the specimen be formed more even and reduces the bubbles containing problems. QC-674A especially uses a water cooling system to short the cooling time and improve the molding efficiency. The display can show a double curve graph of pressure and temperature for better controlling the force, time and temperature change during the molding processes. For multiple applications, this machine supports manual mode as well.

Suitable material for molding application: composite fiber hot pressing sample production, silver welding hot pressing sample production, indium powder compression molding, carbon black powder compression molding, powder molding, polymer material molding, microstructural material molding, thermal plastic molding of fluorine materials, ceramic materials, etc.

Applied Industry:Rubber, Plastic

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