Automatic Programmable Thermo Molding Machine

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Product Serial : QC-674
Automatic Programmable Thermo Molding Machine

QC-674 can provide stable press and heating to make plastic or rubber form by mold as the specimen, product produce and sample for development usage. It is equipped with touch controller, the interface is simple for setting and learning. QC-674 is able to support for 8-stage pressure and time procedure setting, this can make specimen forming be more even and reduce the bubble problem. It especially uses water cooling system to speed up the cooling time and improve the usage efficiency. The display can show the pressure and temperature curve graph for user to control the molding process's force, time and temperature condition. For more multiple application , this machine can switch into manual mode. .


Applied Industry:Rubber, Plastic

Test Video :

Pressure 10、20、30、50 ton (optional)
Units Temperature:℃、℉




Temperature Room temperature~ 300℃
Size of heating plate 30×30 cm (or designated)
Heating time 50→150℃ take 18mins
Distance between heating plate 150 mm (Max.)
Cooling method Use cooling system to rapidly cool upper and lower mold
Cooling time 150℃→60℃ 10mins
Steps can be set Pre-press time, press time
Temperature can be set Forming temperature, open mold temperature
Controller 7” touch screen
Display Instant energy, temperature, diagram
Protection Full cover, emergency stop button
Dimension 101×74×157 cm (W×D×H)
Weight 680 kg
Power 3 phase 220V/50 or 60HZ

Home Page
※ With clear and simple main page for easier operation.

Test Page
※ Preview the process, time, pressure,temperature, curve diagram.

※ Simple setting and easy operation.

※ Display production program curve graph.
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