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Product Serial : QC-317F
Digital Hydrostatic Head Tester
Confirm to AATCC127, JIS- L1092, ISO811 Standard

The main function of this tester is used to determine the water resistance ability of high-waterproof clothing or material by conducting the hydrostatic pressure test. It is an Open-Plan. The size of specimen is unrestricted. It is equipped with a 7 inch-touch screen. The value is displayed in high precision. At the same time, it also has the curve diagram of pressure and display of the temperature. It is very easy for operation to obtain precise pressurization rates and pressure values.
Because of the design of special power- saving and pressurize control, the pressure speed is stable. It is not be affected by either soft or hard test specimen. With the automatic decompression system, it can reduce the water- sputtering when the test specimen is cracked.
This tester is equipped with waterproof buttons and has enormous space views and observation and fitted with luminance. With the use of low-consumable gadgets, the tester itself reduces the necessity for maintenance.

Industry: Textile

Test range 0.05~4.5kgf/cm2 (500~45000mmH2O).
Pressurization rate 0.05~4.5kgf/cm2/min
(No setting stage but can be set on demand, but it can be set depend on demand).
Pressurization display bar、Mpa、kpa、kgf/cm2、mbar、psi、mmH2O、cmH2O
(8 types can be used depend on the demand).
Gripping ring Ø11.28 cm (100cm2). (can be customized on demand).
Pressure sustaining can be customized for the rate of pressure and duration of pressurization.
Manually set for three-tiered pressurization.
Data storage Maximum for up to 50 data storage and can be transmitted by USB.
Force supply Pressure control can facilitate the precision of pressuring speed.
Sample gripping Air compressor can be adjusted by thickness of test specimens.
Gripping force Can reach 1500kgs.
Language Chinese, English, Japanese.
7 inch-touch screen Easy operation. The curve diagram ensures the testing condition.
Power supply voltage range from AC110V to AC220V.
Precision pressure indicator 0.001 bar
Pressure Maximum for 50 minutes.
    Setting Picture

    Test Picture

  • 7" touch screen with clear test picture for easier setting.
  • Display real time pressure and test curve completely.
  • Able to set pressurize speed, pressure and sustaining duration with 3 stages.
  • Control with high precise valve to test stably.
  • Dismiss old pump system for pressurizing to decrease the component cost.
  • With built-in multiple Metric/Imperial units for switching.
  • With built-in calibration system to ensure the accuracy of pressure sensor and pressurize speed.
  • Able to save 30 results and export with USB.
  • Tracking the pressurize speed to control the speed for different hardness material.
  • The pressurize speed is adjustable from 0.05~4.5kgf/cm2/min.
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