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Product Serial : QC-317A
Water Penetration Tester
Confirm to AATCC127, JIS-L1092, ISO811 Standard

QC-317A can add water pressure in constant rate on tarpaulin, when water drop penetrate from tarpaulin, at this moment the pressure is hydrostatic pressure characteristic of tarpaulin.

  1. Water pressure method: Water level increase at speed of 1cm/sec. When three points penetration happen, record the highest level. ( this is the most common method)
  2. Fixed water pressure method: Water level increase to a particulate level at speed of 1cm/sec. record the time when three points penetration happen.
  3. Leakage method:Water level increase to particular level and stop immediately and then observe how much water leaking (ml) within a regulative period.


Industry: Textile

Specimen 8inch x 8inch (about 20cm)
Pressing area 4.5inch (about 114mm)
Grip method pneumatic, able to preset gripping strength
Water pressure 0~1800mmH2O(With scale)
Pressure speed 5~30mmH2O/sec (adjustable)
Feature Upper/lower limit switches are for protecting the machine.
Lower limit is zero point of water level and this tester must return to zero point before performing next test to ensure accuracy of each test.
With quick return control to avoid waiting for a long time for stand-up
Dimension 65x70X260 cm (W ×D ×H)
Weight 125kg


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