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Product Serial : QC-305
Spray Tester
Confirm to JIS- L1092 , BS EN 24920 , AATCC-22 , ISO 4920, ASTM D1913-2000, ASTM D583-54 Standard

QC-305 may test water-proof or non-water-proof textile surface water resistance. Clamping textile with 45 degree angle on grip, hold open around 150mm diameter plane, putting sprayer above sample center 150mm, spraying 250 cc water from 45 degree angle to the surface of sample within 25-30 seconds. Comparing after test sample soak condition by the classification levels from standards.


Industry: Textile

Model QC-305
Sample size 18 × 18 cm
Sample size Ø150 mm
Tilting angle 45°
Spray distance 6"
Water volume 250ml,Spray time:25 ~ 30秒
Dimension 30 × 30 × 65 cm
Weight 9㎏



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