Portable Hydrostatic Head Tester

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Product Serial : QC-317M(N)
Portable Hydrostatic Head Tester

QC-317M(N) Portable design and without electricity that can proceed with test. No time and space limitations, mainly used on the spot measurement, inspect textile water-resistance ability.

The test method is divided into two kinds:

    1. Pressurized ball by hand, to do the pressure → release → pressure → release, the continuous action to gradually increase the pressure within the pressurized base, and please keep pressurizing in the speed of about 1. kg / cm ²/min, please immediately stop pressurize, as specimens have three spots leaking. Record the readings on the pressure gauge, the readings are water-resistance value of this specimen.
    2. Another observation method is pressurizing to specific pressure, observe after a fixed time and without any leakage that means pass.


Industry: Textile

Model QC-317M QC-317N
Sample size 12×12cm
Test area 9.4cm
Gripping method Manual
Pressure range Switchable
0-2000 mmH2O  (0.2 kg/cm2)
0-10000 mmH2O (1.0 kg/cm2)
(1.0 kg/cm2)
Dimension 35×20×32cm(W×D×H)
Weight 5.9kg


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