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Product Serial : QC-315
Perspiration Tester
Confirm to AATCC-15, ISO 105, JIS 0848, GB T5713 Standard

QC-315 is used to determine the fastness of colored textiles soaked in water condition. Using textile and one piece (multi-fiber fabric) or two pieces (single fabric) stitched, after soaking in solution, be clamped by 12.5KPA force, put in 37.5 degrees C oven, remove fiber fabric after 4 hours and take the gauge of by color tainted condition


Industry: Textile

Model QC-315
Hard plastic board 115 × 63 × 3 mm,21 片
Weight sets 10 LB
Support frame Whole set is made by stainless steel, place specimen on top to pressurize, hold specimen in vertical position, attach with a spring pressing holder, keep specimen position within regulative temperature in the oven.
Dimension 20 × 8 × 20 cm
Weight 7 kg

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