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Product Serial : QC-619K
TABER Abrasion Tester
Confirm to ASTM D3884, ASTM D1175, ASTM D1044, ASTM D4060, TAPPI T476, SIO 9352, ISO 5470-1, JIS K7204, JIS A1453, JIS K6902, JIS L1096, JIS K 6964, DIN 52347, DIN53109, DIN53754, DIN 53799 Standard

QC-619K is made up of one specimen clamping disk and two grinding wheels and two vacuum nozzles, specimen clamps above disk with two wheels that can select different weights on specimens, grinding wheel diameter around 50mm, width around 13mm. Set test revolution for machine working, the nozzles will suck abrasion dust during test. Measuring specimen weight difference before and after test as specimen wear resistance properties also can be evaluated by naked eye or measure specimen thickness methods to see wear resistance condition , this machine is suitable for specimens of paper, cloth, plywood, carpet, glass, rubber and plastic materials, etc.


Applied Industry: Rubber, plastic, textile, cloth, paper, construction material

Model QC-619K
Grinding Wheel Diameter 2inch, thickness1/2 inch
Disk Rotary Speed 1~100 rpm, adjustable (Factory setting 60RPM)
Weight sets 250g、500g、1000g(basic weight 250g)
Counter Digital display, 1-99,999,999 with auto-stop
Sample size Ø110mm, center hole Ø7.5mm
Thickness: 1 ~ 6mm, soft and rigid material are all available
Accessories Vacuum cleaner(single-phase 110V or 220V, indicated), specimen cutter(1 pc), Wrench(1 pc), sand paper(10 pieces), specimen fixed frame(1 pc)
Power Single phase 100 ~ 240V
Dimension 55 × 38 × 47 cm
Weight 30 kg

※Reference of using different grinding wheel for different specimen:

Coating Floor tile Plywood Plastic Cloth


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