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Product Serial : QC-618A
DIN Abrasion Tester
Confirm to DIN53516 ISO-4649 GB/T 9867 SATRA TM174 Standard

QC-618A is suitable for elastic material, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, transmission belts, shoe soles and software synthetic leather. The specimen of wear area is dia. 16mm which provide the required load and the specimen press on the sand paper wheel. The sand paper #60 will be stick on 150mm of drum. The drum turns one rotary, the specimen will move 4.2mm. The drum is 40rpm rotated speed. When the specimen of wear distance reaches 40M, it will be stop and measure after wear of volume of losses which was base on abrasion characteristics.


Industry: Rubber, Plastic

Sample size Diameter 16mm, height 6~16mm
Weight sets 2.5N、5N(test load 2.5N、5N、7.5N、10N)
Drum Diameter150 mm, Perimeter 471mm, Rotary speed 40PRM
Sand paper #60 or indicated
Accessories Sand paper, standard rubber, specimen cutter, Aluminum pre-rub (1 pc),
brass brush (1 pc) and driller(1 pc)
Sample movement 4.2 mm / rev
Stroke 40 m
Sample Tilt angle
Power Single phase 100- 240V
Dimension 81 × 32 × 36 cm
Weight 90 kg


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