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Product Serial : QC-622H
QC-622HSurface Hardness Abrasion Tester

QC-621H of main purpose is for measure surface treatment such as painting, plating, coating, dyeing and finishing the design of the machine. It can use cotton, sand paper, steel wool and eraser to test specimen of wear condition. This tester can cater various different standard of requirement to set condition for testing such speed, stroke, specimen appearance, abrasion head and load.


Industry: Plastic, Electronic, Textile, Print

Model QC-621H
Weight set 25g x1、50g x1、100g x1、200g x1、300g x1、500g x1、1000g x1
(basic weight is 200 g)
Abrasion distance 10 ~ 100 mmadjustable (Adjustment by hand)
Abrasion head a. Φ6.35 mm sand stick abrasion head (optional)
b. Φ16 mm cotton abrasion head
c. Φ16 mm steel wool abrasion head
d. Φ6.8mm pencil/ eraser abrasion head (without pencil/ eraser)
(choose one abrasion head without additional charges, customized type is available)
Sample Size Width 30 ~ 200 mm,thickness max. 50 mm
Control Panel 1~120 ±5% CPM Can be precisely set speed
1 ~ 99,999,999 times can be set. Auto-stop while the test is completed.
Power 100V ~ 240V,50/60 Hz
Dimension 65 × 35 × 40 cm
Weight 46 kg
QC-621H 表面硬度耗磨機 - 摩擦頭樣式01 QC-621H 表面硬度耗磨機 - 摩擦頭樣式02 QC-621H 表面硬度耗磨機 - 摩擦頭樣式03
Sand Paper Chuck
Cotton Chuck Steel Wool Chuck Pencil Chuck
(not including pencil)


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