Drying Oven

Product Serial : QC-605 M/L
Drying Oven

QC-605 M/L is suitable for dry, bake and preheats all kinds of materials or specimens. With electric heating, temperature can be set to required point and automatically constant temperature. Cycling current to let temperature inside chamber is even. High accuracy temperature controller adopts PID operating control to increase temperature. It is more convenient to use with timer function and dual over temperature protect system brings safety for long time operation in high temperature


Industry : Plastic, Rubber, Tape, Textile, Packaging

Model No. QC-605M QC-605L
Temperature range 40℃ ~ 200℃, can set heating temperature and speed.
If over 200℃, 300℃ for option
Control method Electric Digital temperature controller
(With dual thermo protector)
Temperature accuracy 0.1℃ displayer, microcomputer PID automatically
temperature-calculate controller ±0.3℃
Heating method Hot air circulation with two sets heaters
Accessory Two shelves. Shelves Height is adjustable.
Internal material SUS #304 Stainless Steel
Outer material Varnish
Feature ※With Manual ventilator to control air recycles with or without outer air and enhance the effect of dissipate heat
※0~999 hours, manual setting, digital display, automatically stop heating.
Supply power Single phase, 220V,50Hz / 60Hz,20A
Inner size 40 × 40 × 45 cm 50 × 50 × 60 cm
External size 74 × 64 × 118 cm 100 × 70 × 115 cm
Weight 70 kg 90 kg


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