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Product Serial : QC-621A
Manual Crock Meter
Confirm to JIS-L0849, ISO-105, AATCC-8 ,JIS-L0862 Standard

This tester’s abrasion head can clamp dry or wet white cloth, under 900g loads, revolving handle by hand to proceed with specimen abrasion test (Common standard is 10 test times), test speed is around 60 CPM. After test, observing color stain level on white cotton to determine specimen color fastness level.


Industry: Textile, Leather

Model QC-621A
Abrasion load 900 g
Abrasion head diameter Ø16 mm, white cotton fixing ring
Abrasion distance 10±0.7 cm
Counter LCD displayer, attach with zero key
Optional White cotton
Dimension 60 × 28 × 24 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 5.5 kg


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  • QC-621A Motor Crock Meter
  • QQC-319 Coating / Printing Tester (Reciprocating abrasion)
  • QC-621H Dyeing Rubbing Tester
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