121D2-Box Compression tester

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Product Serial : QC-121D2
121D2-Box Compression tester
Confirm to ISO 12048、ISO 2872、ASTM D4169、TAPPI T804、GB T4857-4、 JIS-Z-0403-2、ASTM D642、GBIT 16491、DIN 55440-1 Standard
QC-121D2 is used for testing strength of large packing materials, such as carton, foam, Styrofoam, etc. It simulates how boxes react under large force, which is a important test in Logistics/Warehouse management. QC-121 has multiple sensors so that it can provide test results that is closer to real situation; Upper compression platen can switch between U-joint or Fixed platen, allowing users to adjust base on their needs. Display on the the controller can analyze basic test data, and show graph. If users want to output test report, store test data, or do advance analyze, we also has a optional software to go along with.

Industry:Paper, Food & Drink packaging industry.
Model QC-121D2 (A) QC-121D2 (B)
Test space 100×100×120 cm 120×120×120 cm
Max. capacity 2000kg (20kN)
Platen type Fixed/U-joint, adjustable.
Units Force:gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), ton(long), tonf(short)
Pressure:Kpa, Mpa, psi, bar, mm-Aq, mm-Hg
Load resolution 1/10,000 (23 bits)
Load cell accuracy ± 1% (within range 5 ~ 100% load cell capacity)
Displacement resolution 0.00125mm
Speed range 2 ~ 200mm/min
Speed accuracy ±1%
PC-port RJ45 (TCP/IP)
Data sampling rate Max. 1200 Hz
Motor type DC motor
Hardware safety protection Upper/Lower limit, Emergency stop button
Power supply Single Phase200 ~ 240VAC,5A
Dimension (WxDxH) 162×100×195cm 182×120×195cm
Weight 800 kg 900 kg

1. 7”TFT Color Display
2. Langue: Chinese, English, Japanese
3. Data Display: Force, Pressure, Displacement, Time.
Can modify setting of Hardware, Test, Unit, Data, Protection and graph.
4. Can switch between Metric and Imperial
5. Store up to 50 data
6. Output test data through USB port

1. Sampling rate: at most 1200Hz
2. Has multiple analysis.
3. Operation System: Windows 7 or above
4. Can display in Chinese, English and Japanese.
5. Control the machine thru TCP/IP port with computer.
6. Can display multiple test data at once.
7. Has both Metric and Imperial unit.
8. Can reallocate test table to your preference.
9. Can customize data name.
10.Can show/hide test data or graph
11.Can save, load, list and compare data.
12.Can run compression test.
13.Axis can be set to force, display, time, strain or stress… etc
14.Can set up over-load, overtravel or overtime protection.

Printer - Able to directly print out results
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