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Product Serial : QC-121M1F
121M1F-Box Compression tester
Confirm to ISO 12048、ISO 2872、ASTM D4169、TAPPI T804、GB T4857-4、JIS-Z-0403-2、ASTM D642、GBIT 16491、DIN 55440-1 Standard
QC-121M1F tests the compression capacity of large packaging material such as cartons, foams or styrofoam, etc. The tester simulates a testing condition similar to logistics and storaging industry in which cartons are applied to mesaure its capacity and deformation against compression. QC-121M1F measures the accurate force using evenly distributed sensors; the upper platen can be fixed or versatile depending on test requirement. The software is capable of several testing patterns such as basic compression, constant load compression and dynamic load compression. The test results are precisely and instantly presented by distinct analysis and test graph.

Industry:Paper, Food, Beverage, Package
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