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Product Serial : QC-113A
Pneumatic Type Drop Tester
Confirm to ASTM-5276, GB/T 4857.5, CNS-2999 Standard

QC-113A is driven by a pneumatic cylinder controlling a single wing structure. It only takes a small space to operate and is ideally suited for testing the impact of packaging products such as cartons, luggage cases, suitcases, electric equipment and related accessories, etc. It can simulate packaging damage condition during transportation. The test result can be as safety basis for packaged goods of shipping or as safety evaluation of goods suffering drop impact during using.


Industry: Packaging, Electron

Model Type QC-113A
Testing Height 30 ~ 130 cm (standard type) 30 ~ 180 cm
(adjustable) (adjustable)
Moving speed 2000 mm/min
Plate for holding 27 × 47 cm ( W × D ) 
Max. Load of Dropping
60 kg
Base 1. 85x150 cm  (Standard)
2. 120x150 cm (optional)
3. 200x150 cm (optional)
4. 120x180 cm (optional)
5. cutsom-made 
Max. Allowance of
testing package
80×80×80 cm 
Dropping method Electric button type - pneumatic cylinder controls dropping and returns to original drop-height position.
Accessory ※One set of edge grip to fix specimen falling from certain orientation.
Power supply Single phase 220V,50/60HZ,8A
Dimension 85×150×230 cm 85×150×280 cm
 ( W × D ×H )  ( W × D ×H )
Weight Around 300 kg

Test Video         Teaching material SOP        Test Case

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