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Product Serial : QC-PS
Circular Sample Cutter
Confirm to ISO3801, ASTM D3776, GB/T4669, BS2471 Standard

QC-PS circular sample Cutters can cut 100cm² sample, measure sample unit weight, the minimum readings of balance need to reach 0.01g. This cutter can cut circular sample thickness up 5mm.


Cutting samples include woven fabric, nowoven fabric, knitting fabric, carpet, plastic film, styrofoam, paper or wooden made thin plate, etc. It is indispensable instrument for clothing and fabric dyeing industries for gaining samples.


Industry: Textile, Plastic, Paper

Model QC-PS
Sample area 100 cm²
Sample diameter Φ113 mm
Cutting thickness Around 5 mm
Dimension 17 × 17 × 13 cm
Weight 2 kg


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