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Product Serial : QC-639C、639D
Mechanical Impact Tester
Confirm to ASTM D256、ASTM D6110、ISO 179、ISO 180、ISO 13802 Standard

QC-639 series tester can measure the impact resistance of polymer materials. It calculates the absorbed impact energy based on the energy conversion relation. The precision of the impact hammer will highly affect the speed and mass position when impact, and this might influence the test accuracy. QC-639C/D uses a pointer to record the impact angle. The dedicated software can support calculating and correcting the test results for users. In this kind of test, Izod and Charpy are the most common test methods. This machine can change the hammers and vises rapidly to satisfy different test methods and standards (ASTM & ISO).

Model QC-639C QC-639D
Start impact Angle 150°
Test Capacity

Izod 1-12J
ASTM Charpy 1-12J
ISO Charpy 1-5J

Izod 1-25J
Charpy 1-25J

20-80% of the max. capacity is the suggested test range.
Feature 1. Big indicator board for reading the impact energy directly.
2. Standard pointer for users to read impact angle easily.
3. Equipped with lever device to ensure the machine positioning accuracy.
4. Provide impact area and collect box to increase the safety and reduce the cleaning time.
5. Able to change vises for Izod and Charpy to satisfy different test standards.
Accessories Calibration table for hammer, Manual, Energy Calculating Software, Hex Wrench Set
Optional 1. Impact hammers for different energy test and different vises
2. QC-640 Impact Specimen V-notcher
Dimension 90 × 30 × 70 cm 95 × 38 × 76 cm
Weight 100 kg 160 kg
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