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Product Serial : QC-640
Impact Specimen V-Notcher
Confirm to JIS-K7110, ASTM-D256, ISO 179 180 Standard

QC-640 is used to impact and then cut standard V shape notch of specimens. It can provide steadier and more accuracy result during specimen test. Notch type depend on different standards, user can select various cutter types, notch depth is adjustable conform to specimens’ requirement. Cutting speed is also adjustable to reduce the effect of specimen during cutting.


Industry : Plastic

Model QC-640
Cutting Speed 30-550 m/min (adjustable)
Notch Angle 45°(or indicated)
Specimen Size Thickness 3 ~ 13 mm,Height 10 ~ 13mm
Specimen Length 14 cm(max.)
Cutting Radius 0.25 mm( or indicated)
Dimension 48× 37 × 35 cm
Weight 40 kg


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