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Product Serial : QC-803H
Motor Type Roller
Confirm to JIS-C2107、Z0237、PSTC7、ASTM D3330、ASTM D1000 Standard
The tape peeling test sample is made by a standard rubber roller. The tape is rolled and pasted on the steel plate or a specific material base. By sticking manually is difficult to be consistent and has larger chance to affect the test result.If you use motor type roller to make samples, you can ensure the consistency and stability of the pasting.QC-803H operation interface adopts 5-inch electrofusion touch screen,simple and clear to operate.Rolling speed can be set arbitrarily between 50~1200 mm/min. It can also set up to 99 times of back-and-forth rolling and pasting and up to 300mm pasting distance.
Model QC-803H
Weight of roller 4.5 lb
(two rollers can be used at the same time)
Material Outer covering 80° ±5°(Shore A) , rubber coating 6 mm
Speed of roller 50 ~ 1200 mm/min (Stepless setting)
Stroke Screen touch settings
Width of Roller 45 ± 1.5 mm
Diameter of Roller 97 ± 2.5 mm
Power Single phase,110 ~ 240V
Dimension 580 X 350 X 280 mm
Weight 33 kgf


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