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Product Serial : QC-802A
Tape Holding Power Tester (Heating Tape)
Confirm to ASTM D4498, PSTC 7 Standard

QC-802A can set required temperature, stick 1 inch width long bar tape on stainless steel plate under high temperature environment, use 4.5LB standard roller with 300mm speed per minute and after back and forth one time, hanging steel plate on tester, add specified counterweight. When tape comes off from steel plate, timer stop counting automatically, record tape adhesion retention time.


Industry: Tape

Model QC-802A
Temperature Room temperature~200℃,Room temperature temperature calculation,0.1℃ displayer,±0.3℃
Testing jigs 10 sets
Weight 1 kg (or other specification) × 10pcs,Stainless steel
Timer Automatic retention time, 999999 minutes, total 10 sets
Stainless Steel plate SUS#304 × 10 pcs
Power Single phase 220V,21A
Dimension 100 × 50 × 92 cm
Weight 180 kg


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