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Product Serial : QC-527M2F
Adhesion/Release Tester
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QC-527 test range can do low and high speed peel test and also for 90°、180° multi-angle peel test. Low speed peeling force generally uses 300mm/min to proceed with test, testlow-stick adhesive label tear force. High speed peeling force generally uses 10-30m/min to proceed with test, simulate peeling force during label forming and labeling speed for end users.


Industry: Tape

Model QC-527M2F
Max. capacity 500 N
Force resolution 31 bits
Force resolution 1/100,000
Stroke 600 mm(w/o grip)
Stroke resolution 0.0001 mm
Speed range 100 ~ 30,000 mm/min adjustable
Speed accuracy ± 0.75%
Pc connection RJ45(TCP/IP)
Hardware safety protection Up/down limit, emergency stop button
Feature ※Force sensor can do position, height, angle and multi-direction adjustment.
※Force sensor with memory lock to record various related parameters, it will automatically change its parameters when change different sensors and no need for other setting.
Power Single phase 200 ~ 240VAC,15A
Dimension 125 × 44 × 71 cm
Weight 100 kg


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