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Product Serial : QC-801(A)(B)(C)
Tape Holding Power Tester (Normal Type) 10 sets
Confirm to GB/T 4851, ASTM D3654, PSTC 7 Standard

QC-801(A)(B)(C) Specimen stick test area can use 1/2”x1”or 1”x1”, unified to use 0.45 pound of load scrunch through specimen, hanging counterweight in the lower end of specimen. Timer automatically stops counting after specimen come off from stainless steel plate. If time is up and specimen still sticks without coming off, measure the distance of displacement of specimen.


Industry: Tape

Model QC-801 QC-801A QC-801B QC-801C
Testing Jigs 10 sets 25 sets 5 sets 15 sets
Weights 1 kg×10 sets 1 kg×25 sets 1 kg×5 sets 1 kg×15 sets
Material (SUS#304) Other weights are available for optional.
Timer Electronic LCD display, automatic retention time, 99999.9 minutes, when tape comes off, it will retention time automatically.
Dimension(cm) 93×26×62 121x26×62 55×26×62 142×28×60
Weight 45 kg 75kg 37kg 75 kg


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