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Product Serial : QC-803A, QC-803K, QC-803J
Manual Roller , Motor Roller
Confirm to JIS-C2107, Z0237, PSTC 7 Standard

QC-803A QC-803A is controlled by hand, hold roller and slightly go up, let fixed base leave the axle center, this moment the roller equals to standard weight, with 300mm/min speed back and forth roll through specimen to let it roll bonding with adhesive objects.


QC-803K and QC-803J is controlled by electronic, put specimen on orbit of rolling wheel, press start button, with 300mm/min or setting speed back and forth roll through specimen one time.


Industry: Tape

Model QC-803A QC-803J QC-803K
Weight of roller 4.5LB 4.5LB(two roller can be used at the same time)
Surface with rubber 80° ±5° (Shore A), Rubber with thickness 6 mm
Speed of roller Control by hand 50 ~ 600 mm/min 300 mm/min
Stroke Control by hand 50 ~ 250mm adjustable (Make a round trip automatically)
Width of roller 45mm
Diameter of roller  95mm
Roll cover: Rubber to hardness scale Shore A (80° ±5°)
Power N/A Single phase,100 ~ 240V
Dimension 13 × 22 × 8 cm 62 × 36 × 31 cm 62 × 36 × 25 cm
Weight 2.7 kg 42 kg 38 kg


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