Electrical Torque Tester

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Product Serial : QC-41110
Electrical Torque Tester
The loadcell is fixed machine top and the sample is made spin around for the software to measure maximum static/dynamic torque, etc. It can perform sample analysis at different speed. During the test, it shows real-time data of torsion graph and direction, to record the sample torsion completely in the spin. Customized grip can be settled on the gripper place. Also the test space can be adjusted by manual up/down operation.

Industry:Eletrical part, Motor, Bearing, Related transmission parts
Model QC-41110
Capacity 0~10N-M
Test Speed 1~750 r/min
Test Range Max. Width 340mm
Max. Height 335mm
Unit MN-m, kN-m, N-m, N-cm, mN-m, kgf-m, kgf-cm, kgf-mm, gf-cm, gf-mm, lbf-ft, lbf-in, ozf-in
Operation Use software to for operation and analysis
Feature 1. Real-time graph shows during the test.
2. User friendly test setting module. User can set up direction, speed, test end condition, etc.
3. Manual up/down function to adjust the test space.
Accessory Software
Voltage AC200~240V
Size 75 cm X 37 cm X 100 cm
Weight 70 kg