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Product Serial : QT-010
QT-010 Manual Torque Tester

Model QT-010 is used for testing the Torsion of cap product. It can test the both direction of clockwise and counter-clockwise torsion. The clamping way is using adjustable fixture and quick drilling screw. It can clamp round shape, square shape, or irregular shape of sample. Test graph of torsion will be lay out after testing to show completely real condition when the cap sample is being torqued.


Industry : Package

Model QC-T010
Measurement Range 0~10N-m, 0~100kgf-cm, 0~90lbf-in
Display Resolution 0.001N-m,0.01kgf-cm,0.01lbf-in
Container Diameter Φ10 ~ 190 mm
Units of Measurement N-m、mN-m、N-cm、kgf-cm、gf-cm、lbf-ft、lbf-in、ozf-in
Analysis Items Max. Torque Value, 1st Peak, 2nd Peak (clockwise and counterclockwise)
Sampling rate 1200 Hz
System Accuracy ±1% full scale
Overload Typically 150% of full scale deflection
Feature 1.Support forward and reverse test.
2.Able to equipped with3/6/15/60/150 N-m
3.Support sample diameter from 10 to 190mm
4.The aluminum alloy clamp plate adopts anodizing treatment to reach rust prevention and make cleaning easier
5.Support screws, electrical tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools' torque test by changing the clamp type.
Power Single phase 110V~240V
Dimension 45 × 19 × 13.6 cm
Weight 5.6 kg

1.Equipped with 7" touch display for setting and operating.
2.Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Polski
3.Able to analyze the max. torque, first peak and second peak
4.Real-time display the forward and reverse torque value
5.Able to set the upper and lower limit of test result.
6.Display real time test process curve graph.
7.Able to save 50 results on the display and export the test data by USB.
8.Plug in the USB to record the whole raw date during the test.


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