Motor Twist Counter for yarn, Manual twist counter for yarn

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Product Serial : QC-309D, QC-309E
Motor Twist Counter for yarn, Manual twist counter for yarn
Confirm to ISO 2061 ASTM D1422 BS-903 FZ-T10001 JIS L1095 Standard

This test machine uses the characteristics of different length of yarn after twisting. Use the pointer or sensor to detect changes in the yarn to figure the twist value of the measured object. This is a very important reference data to the textile process. Electric twist measuring machine with the latest F1C controller, built-in with rally pretension data for user queries, suggesting load for different yarns. It can automatically determine the length of specimen and twister counter. The screen will displays real-time data during the test to let the users to grasp the status of the test, to do the statistical analysis through the test data after test. What’s more, when you test on yarns with a high twist counter, the machine will reduce speed before the test starts to obtain a more precise result.
The auto mode is only suitable for single yarn. The two-fold yarns or multiply yarn should be tested under manual mode with the pin method. (If yarn with elasticity, please provide the sample for pre-test.)



Abrasion hammer load weight QC-309D QC-309E
Indicator 7” TFT  digital display digital display
Speed 50 ~ 1500 RPM adjustable Manual control
Direction S or Z switchable Manual control S or Z
Weight Sets Each of 0.3g、0.5g、0.8g、1g、2g、3g、5g & 10g x 2
Specimen Size 5~52cm [Max. Distance of common use 10"(25.4 cm) and 20"(50.8 cm) or indicated.
Basic Load 1.2 g
Power Single phase 100V~240V NA
Dimension 97×20×32 cm (W×D×H) 81×14×32cm(W×D×H)
Weight 11 kg
  • QC-301 &302 Wrap Reel
  • QC-508M1 Material Testing Machine
  • QC-319 Dyeing Rubbing Tester
  • QC-621A Manual Crock Meter
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