QC-508M2F (2kN)-Extended Computerized Tensile (compression) Testing Machine

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Product Serial : QC-508M2F (Extended)
QC-508M2F (2kN)-Extended Computerized Tensile (compression) Testing Machine
Confirm to ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4, ASTM D-76, DIN5122, JIS B7721/B7733, EN 1002-2, BS1610, GB T228 Standard
QC-508M2F table type machine has capacity up to 2kN. It offers a quiet testing environment and accurate test result. On stand-alone mode, it can do tensile test, compression test, bending test and so on. Transmission system needs little maintenance even after being used for a while. The precise hand wheel controls grip’s movement at a small scale. With this tool, users can move the grip to a precise position. The force signal is emitted and received instantly so as to prevent overload. A port is reserved for signals that are outside the machine for a more flexible operation.

Industry: Rubber, Plastic, Paper, Textile, Metal, Wood, Tape, Electron, Package, Medical, Construction