QC-548M1F-Computerized Tensile (compression) Testing Machine

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Product Serial : QC-548M1F
QC-548M1F-Computerized Tensile (compression) Testing Machine
Confirm to ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4 , ASTM D-76, DIN5122 , JIS B7721/B7733 , EN 1002-2, BS1610,GB T228 Standard
Universal Material Testing Machine QC-548M1F series have relatively compact size and take up less space. The universal tensile tester is equipped with servo motor, ball screw and is suitable for test that requires capacity below 5kN. Test stroke can be adjusted for different dimensions of sample; different sorts of grips are available for diverse tests.

The M1F special test software of the tensile tester is compatible with the Windows system, and can perform various functions such as tensile (compression) force test, bending test, peeling test, and hold tension (compression). The software operation is simple and easy to learn, with multiple languages, various metric and English unit choices, real-time graph display, and provides complete test analysis data, report planning, complete analysis or archiving after the test is completed. This tensile testing machine can also be equipped with a display for stand-alone operation to capture effective test data quickly.