QC-548D2 Computerized Tensile (Compression) Testing Machines

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Product Serial : QC-548D2(5kN)
QC-548D2 Computerized Tensile (Compression) Testing Machines
QC-548D2 is a table-type UTM with a standard 7" color touch TFT display panel for stand-alone operation. D2 system can add the portable printer to print out test results directly, it's suitable for production line or a quick test required.
The DC motor can act similar to a servo motor by the special control of the motor and algorithm, it can correct the rotation speed to reach its best speed performance during the movement. The digital speed setting and one key start test function improve the convenience and efficiency of operation.
Users can do the tensile, compression, bending, peeling, other tests, display different languages, units switching between Imperial and Metrics by connecting the dedicated software on a PC. The software can also provide users complete analysis functions and test modules.

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