QC-548D2-Computerized Tensile (Compression) Testing Machines

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Product Serial : QC-548D2(5kN)
QC-548D2-Computerized Tensile (Compression) Testing Machines
QC-548D2 is the table type universal material testing machine which is equipped with 7" touch color screen for stand alone operation. User can also add the micro printer additionally to print out the real-time result. It's a machine suitable for the product line and those who require quick testing.Our exclusive motor control and calculus system can increase the DC motor's control efficiency and make its ability nearly the same as servo motor. The machine will auto modify the rotating speed to reach the best speed performance. The digital type speed setting and one key test start function will highly improve the operation convenience and efficiency. The optional software can connect the PC to operate the tensile, compression, bending, peeling and other various tests and analysis. It can support with not only different languages mode but also the metric/imperial units switching. The software can help to provide a complete analysis functions and the test module.

Industry:Paper, Tape, Electronics, Medical, Package
Model QC-548D2-S QC-548D2-M
Max. Capacity 5 kN
Force Resolution 1/10,000 (23 bits)
Load cell accuracy ±1% under the range 2-100% of the load cell capacity
(There are optional load cells with higher accuracy)
Test Stork(Without grips) 400 mm 800 mm
Stroke Resolution 0.0125 mm
Speed Range 8 ~ 550 mm/min (digital type setting)
Stroke Resolution Better than 1%
Data Sampling Rate Max. 400 Hz
Cantilever Distance 80 mm
Connection RJ45(TCP/IP)
Motor Type DC Motor
Frame Stiffness 4.1 kN/mm
Hardware Safety Protection Upper/Lower Limitation, emergency stop button
Power Supply Single Phase, 100 ~ 240VAC, 5A
Dimension 50x50x105cm 50x50x145cm
Weight 65 kgf 80 kgf


1.Adopted with 7- inch TFT color touch screen
2.Three different languages can be selected including Chinese, English and Japanese
3.Data Display : Force, Stress, Torque, Displacement, Time
4.Able to set hardware, test, units, information, protection, curve graph setting
5.Support different units switching including Metric and Imperial units
6.Display supports to store up to 50 data result
7.Able to save the results by USB

(2) Optional Accessories - Software Functions

1.Data sampling rate can be set up to 400 Hz
2.Information analysis
3.Compatible with Windows7/8/10 system
4.Color touch screen can support different language display including Chinese, English, Japanese
5.Interface: connect PC with TCP/IP
6.Multi-curves display at the same time
7.Various units including Metric and Imperial units
8.Flexible form to manage database.
9.Free to name the data file.
10.Test page can support display test data value, curve graph or both
11.Data processing : save, load, list and compare data
12.Axis can be set as force, elongation, displacement, time, strain, stress and so on.
13.Can support with tensile, compression, bending, peeling test and so on.
14.Software supports with over-load, over-travel or overtime machine stop protection.

(3) Optional Accessories - Extensometer

QC-557 Short extensometer
Suitable for elongation below 50%
QC-551 Long travel extensometer
Suitable for samples with over 20% elongation

Able to directly print out results

1.Autocratically reading load cell and displacement sensor feature information
2.Digital speed setting
3.Equipped with 7" TFT color touch screen, able to support real-time test curve diagram display
4.Automatically zero the test force
5.Break detection
6.Automatic return
7.Force overload protection
8.Support stand alone operation or choose the optional software to test and analysis
9.Test condition modularize
10.Able to add the optional printer