Computerized Tensile (Compression) Testing Machine | QC-528M1F (500N)

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Product Serial : QC-528M1F (500N)
QC-528M1F Universal Materials Testing Machines

Universal Material Testing Machine QC-528M1F has advantage in small size and light weight. The power supply of the testing equipment is 100~240V. Equipped with step motor to perform high control and accuracy in speed, the tensile test machine is a very good choice for small sample and application to various grips such as pneumatic grip, narrow grip.

The load cell has memory function. User need not to do any additional setting when replace the load cell. The jog controller helps to do small displacement adjusting and force calibration.

The M1F test software of the tensile tester can be used on Windows 7 / 8/ 10 to control the machine. This tester can conduct tensile (compression) test, bending test, peeling test, constant force test, and various different kinds of testing. The software is very easy to operate, and it is with multi-language, various units and real time data presenting function. It offers complete analysis data. The software can export test report after testing, which helps to analyze and save the file. It’s a good choose for the small specimen testing.

The tensile machine can be selected to equip only with display to do the operation for quick the test result accessing.