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Product Serial : QC-711M/L
Salt Spray Tester
Confirm to JIS D-0201, K5400. D0205, H8681 / ASTM B-117,ISO 9227, JIS Z 2371, JIS H 8502 Standard

QC-711M/L Salt Spray Tester is used for testing parts rust-proof ability that had been through surface treatment such as electroplating, coating, anodizing, etc. With misty form’s salt water to speed up corrosion, in an attempt to test specimen rust-proof ability in short time, this tester is suitable to use in hardware, screw and electroplating industries and research organizations, etc.

There are three types of tests: Neutral salt spray test, Acetic acid spray test and Copper Speed up Acetic acid spray test. Three test specimens are needed or according to agreement. Vertical Suspending specimens or with vertical line as 15-30゜to put in test chamber, specimens interval should not below 20mm, liquid drops on brace should not drop on the specimens, set required time to proceed with test and after finishing, use flow cold water wash specimen surface deposited salt, examining surface and levels after drying.

Industry: Metal。

Model QC-711M QC-711L
Required Collecting Cup 1Pc 2Pc
Power of Heater 1000W 2000W
Chamber Room Temp. ~ 35℃
Air Room Temp. ~ 47℃
Machine Functions Temp. Accuracy ± 0.5℃
Saturated air Pressure (Kg/cm2) 0.8 ~ 2.0 ± 0.1
Spray volume
(ml/80 cm2 /hr.)
0.5 ~ 3.0
P.H. Salt Spray 6.5 ~ 7.2
Cupric Acetate 3.0 ~ 3.2
Material Exterior P.V.C. or P.P
Interior P.V.C. or P.P
Systems Salt Solution Salt Spray, Cupric Acetate
Heating Titanium alloy Heater
Control PID Digital electronic + SSR control
Safety System Circuit system load protection, over heating load protection, insufficient medicinal liquid protection.
Features ※It is made of PP & P.V.C. with strong mechanics structure; Machine frame is acid proof, alkali proof, temperature proof and never aging, suitable for salt spray, cupric acetate various test specifications.
※Patent nozzle makes spray device to spray fog fast and evenly.
※With hydrometer:Assist user to make salt solution and copper acetate solution, through hydrometer to confirm concentration.
※Fog volume and accelerating speed are adjustable for aging.
※Specimen tilt 20°±5 to make the solution which falls on the specimen surface remain at fixed concentration. ※Air tight system: falling fog will not spread out to corrode other metal parts.
※Air tight system: falling fog will not spread out to corrode other metal parts.
※Water will drain automatically if water level exceeds the limitation.
※Exhaust vent:Keep the concentration of fog inside the chamber.
※Functions:Anti-corrosion test for various surface treatments such as anodizing, electroplating, coating…etc.
※Inner tubes with anticorrosive level to less the maintenance times.
Power Single phase 220V,50/60Hz
Internal Dim.
W × H × D(cm)
60 × 40 × 45  90 × 50 × 60
External Dim.寸
W × H × D(cm)
125 × 112 × 94 155 × 128 × 105
Weight 90 kg 120 kg


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