Electric Pencil Hardness Tester

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Product Serial : GI-M023
Electric Pencil Hardness Tester
Confirm to ASTM D3363, ECCA T4, MILC27 227, NEW5350, SIS184187, SNV37113, JIS-C3003/D0202 Standard

GI-M023 according to WolffWilborn standard, this tester is designed to measure the coating surface hardness scrape-resistance, applied to experiment analysis or control production quality, suitable products including oil painting, furniture, car, cell phone, notebook, language translator, digital camera, etc. It is fast and easy to test single or double layer baking varnish


Applied Industry: Surface Treatment

Pencil test angle 45゜C angle for pencil and flat surface
Pen nib load adjustment 50g~1kg
Test speed 0.5~10mm/sec
Pensile specification DIN standard test 6B ~ 9H (Optional)
JIS standard test 6B ~ 9H (Optional)
Power AC100 ~ AC240
Dimension 490 x 315x390 mm
Weight 28 kg

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