H.D.T. Heat Deflection Tester

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Product Serial : QC-657B
H.D.T. Heat Deflection Tester
Confirm to ASTM D648 ISO 75-1 Standard
The specimen is given a stress at the center, and the temperature should increase by 2 degrees Celsius per minute. When the specimen’s center area reach the deflection of 0.254mm, the temperature is determined as the specimen’s deflection temperature.
The tester is equipped with touch screen. A user-friendly interface and standardized process are designed to guide users for setting operation in the shortest possible and to reduce test errors. The system has built-in calculation function, user can enter the specimen dimension to get the required weight.
User should lift the specimen holder and the weight frame manually. This tester has 6 test stations, each one can show the independent temperature and displacement on the display. When reaching the deflection value, it will be recognized as test finish, the system will record the temperature and start to cool down.
Temperature Room temperature - 300℃
Temperature Control 2℃ increase per minute (adjustable)
Weight Each station has the following weights:
0.1N×1, 0.2N×2, 0.5N×1, 1N×1, 2N×2, 5N×1, 10N×1
Delfection Reading 0.001~3.000 mm
Flexion Span 100 mm, 64mm (101.6mm for options)
Specimen Support's Surface R=3.0 mm (able to add the Vicat heat deflection test head)
Specimen Dimension ASTM L=5”(127 mm), d=1/2 ”(12.7 mm), b=1/4”( 6.35 mm)
ISO edge wise L=120mm, d=10mm, b=4mm
ISO flat wise L=80mm, d=10mm, b=4mm
※Specimen deviation should be±0.1 mm
Stations test stations: 1, 2, 3 stations
Temperature Equalization Method Circulating flow
Cooling Method Water cooling
Power Single Phase 220VAC

Vicat Heat Deflection:
※Able to switch in to Vicat heat deflection test mode. Test standard can be switch into ASTM or ISO. Support with specimen dimension enter for load auto-calculation.

Test Display: 
※Able to test 6 specimen to test at the same time.Each sample holder has its own temperature and displacement measure tool. Display will show the real-time test situation. When reaching deflection value, it will stop and start cooling system.