C-type Hardness Tester

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Product Serial : GS-701N
C-type Hardness Tester
Confirm to JIS S6050 Standard
Hardness tester is suitable for soft material such as nonmetal. Applying the specified force on the standard material plate, and the hardness of the material can be obtained by reading the values on the pointer. Different hardness materials have different specimen area and thickness requirements. The test must be done 5-10 times to do the average so that the hardness of the material can be correctly recorded.

The load stand can provide an accurate load and increase measurement accuracy and reproducibility when measure hardness. After press flat the specimen and read the highest value at the first time or set up timing to get second value. To test above 5 point of position and to get average value. To be measurement object of thickness and measurement of position, please see each hardness tester of standard data.

Industry : Rubber Industry & Plastic Industry
Type C-type
Application foam、PU
Accuracy ±1 Degree
Probe Type Φ5.08mm
cone shape
Specimen Thickness >10mm
Load of Load Stand 1kg
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