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Product Serial : QC-633
Drop Dart Tester
Confirm to ASTM D1709, GB-9639 Standard

QC-633 according to test standard of method A and method B. The test plastic film is clipped on dia. 127mm of round clamp. The impact head method A is dia. 38.1mm and method B is dia. 50.8mm. The impact head is fixed on machine of top part. To be adjust hammer quality and height. Drop hammer falling impacts film of test specimen of resistance impact. The general test is 20 samples to record rupture or no rupture of test height and hammer weight which can be film material of resistance impact.


Applied Industry: Plastic

Method A:

Falling height 66 cm(26”)
Dart diameter Ø38.1mm
Dart Material Aluminum(Surface coated with enamel)
Dart weight 32 ± 2 g
Weight 5gx2、15gx4、30gx1、60gx1、120gx2
Total weight 412 g
Specimen frame inside diameter Ø127mm,outer diameter Ø147mm

Method B:

Falling height 152.4 cm(60”)
Dart diameter Ø50.8mm
Dart Material Stainless steel
Dart weight 320 ± 10 g
Weigh 40gx2、80gx1、160gx1、320gx2
Total weight 1,280 g
Specimen frame inside diameter Ø127mm,outer diameter Ø147mm


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