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Product Serial : QC-631
Compression & Deformation Tester
Confirm to ASTM-D395, JIS-K6301, GB/T 7759, ISO 815 Standard

QC-631 uses static state way to testing rubber under constant compression and exerting heat condition to check the permanently deformation rate of the material. This test need to collocate with oven and Thickness Gauge.


Industry: Rubber

Model QC-631
Specimen dimension  Ø28.68 ×12.7㎜ (rubber); 50 ×50 ×25 (H) (Foam plastic)
Material Whole set is made by SUS 304 stainless steel.
The size of Interval ring 20 × 10 × 12cm
Accessories  With 5 pieces of screw bolt and screw nuts.
Dimension 20 × 10 × 12cm
Weight 7kg

Test Video         Teaching material SOP        Test Case

  • QC-605L Oven
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