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Product Serial : QC-601B
Manual Molding Machine

QC-601B has parallel pressure plates and according to area of the material and force demand to choose machine type. Commonly used in powder compact, parts assembly, lamination work. Put the ingredients in the middle of upper and lower platens. The material put into upper and lower plates, shake jack cranks and the upper and lower plate will close contact, then the force pressure reaches to requirement. It can be read jack of output by oil pressure gauge.


Industry: Rubber, Plastic

Model QC-601B
Pressure (tons) 5 10 20 30 50
Pressure is from the pressure gauge which shows on the pressure of conversion table.
Size of platen 25 × 25 cm Standard,30×30cm optional
Distance between platen 60~100 mm(adjustable)
Dimension 55 × 65 × 118 cm 
Weight 250 kg 


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