Spherical-Stress Sample Notcher

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Product Serial : QC-105A(B)
Spherical-Stress Sample Notcher
Confirm to CNS 2956-3, JIS-P8113 Standard

Use QC-105A(B) can cut Ring-crush test (RCT) or for tensile test specimens with smooth edge and same size of parallel specimens. Sample size can be specially produced according to customer’s requirement. It is suitable for thin film materials such as cutting paper, copper foil and aluminum foil.


Industry: Paper, Electron

Model QC-105
Type A B
Cutting size 6"×1/2" 200~250×15 mm
(152.4mm x 12.7mm)
Dimension 67×45×47 mm
Weight 32 kg
Remark We have also tailor-made sample size for customer’s option


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