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Product Serial : M1F
M1F controller is intermediate and multiple planning controller for material testing, which can analyze load cell, torque sensors, pressure sensors, encoder and so many varieties of signals.Every kind of units can be changed according to user’s demand when using it. It has real-time display or record process data in short time , data can be restored through USB port and exported to EXCEL sheet for further analysis by USB. Specified software can be an option for proceeding with further analysis and also open for users to write their own software. When customer has a special requirement, it also could be modified to new planning based on their needs.

Appropriate using occasion
Simple material testing device, various forces display, teaching analysis, data measurement for industries
Model M1F Controller
Power force(DC) 5V and 12V (50W)
Control signal input Two sets of input signal for selection
One set of stress sensor: 4~20mA
One set of force sensor: 1.0mV/V、1.5 mV/V、2.0 mV/V、3 mV/V、4 mV/V
(Internal + External) Three sets of Encoder signal input
Input signal: upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop, goes up, go down, set aside two sets.
Expand D-Sub Input signal: 4 sets, output signal: 4 sets
Communication Interface TCP/IP RJ45 Connecting Cable
Load cell Resolution 31 bits
Load cell precision 1/10,000
Encoder signal voltage 5V
Encoder signal mode Single- ended (Open Collector)、differential square wave(Line Driver)
Display panel 7 inche of TFT Color touch panel
Language selection Chinese, English, Japanese
Data assess Can use USB to proceed with data access (can export test data to Excel for further data analysis)
Specified software is optional for data access
Data sampling rate 2、5、10、25、50、100、400hZ
Interface function Data Display: Force , Stress, Torque, Displacement, Time
Graph Display : Force, Displacement, Time, stress, strain
Date Analysis : maximum force, deformation percentage at maximum force point, stress at maximum force point, percentage of elongation at maximum force point, force at break point, deformation percentage at break point, stress at break point, interval average load, and so on.
Unit changeable (Metric system or imperial system)
Calibration setting Calibrated parameter setting can be provided
Can be used on various capacity of load cell and no need re-calibration after replacement
◎ Data sample rate faster can be set up to 400 Hz
◎ Operation method: By keyboard and mouse control test, can also through up and down button to adjust the fixture position
◎ Compatible with Window 7/8/10 system
◎ Software has multi-languages with Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish Polish, Portuguese, German display
◎ Operating mode: TCP / IP interface, two-way transmission, the computer directly control the machine action
◎ Can import multiple test data display simultaneously.
◎ Unit selection can be Metric unit and Imperial units.
◎ Form flexibility, self-planning information analysis.
◎ Data name can be self-set and can self-defined formula
◎ Test Screen can be selected data display, graphic display or simultaneous display
◎ Data processing: store, import, list, statistical comparison, etc.
◎ Graph X-Y axis physical quantity adjustment, graph-specific mark, interval mark, slope and son on.
◎ Test tensile, compression, bending, peeling, spring, and other tests
◎ Software protection: Overload, over -displacement, over-time protection
◎ Modularization of specimen setting, providing easy to set specimen.
◎ Modularization of test conditions to reduce artificial setting negligence and error.
◎ Key data capture, can set the upper and lower limits of test data specifications
◎ Support multiple sets of I / O signals, increase testing mechanism
Report setting

Software control

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