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Product Serial : QC-551
Long Extensometer

Long extensometer is suitable for higher than 20% of elongation of rubber, plastic, PE, fabric, webbing of material which are high elongation measurement accessories. The specimen usually made dumbbell-shape. The extensometer can link with Cometech machine and auto-detect the deformation of the test piece during the test.

Model QC-551
Type S: standard L: extended
Resolution 0.025mm
Test stroke 700mm     1100mm
Gauge length 10~50mm
Thickness of specimen 0.2~6mm
Signal A B phase signal
installation Fixed or evolvable type
  • 1. It can clamp on the specimen to do break action and do not need to dismantle the extensometer for convenience to use.
  • 2. It can be repair & maintenance and do not need to re-purchase new one when the extensometer has problem.


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