Dropping Impact Tester

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Product Serial : QC-637
Dropping Impact Tester
Confirm to JIS-A5403, K6745 Standard

The specimen is placed on the platform of machine. Choose a designated size of steel ball to fall freely from a height, then the steel ball will impact on specimen’s surface. To observe the specimen of damaged condition on its surface. The test height and the size of steel ball can be adjusted according to the test condition of the specimen.


Applied Industry: Plastic, Glass, Electron

Testing height 5~200 cm (adjustable by ruler)
ball control
Controlled by electromagnetic
Weight of
Steel ball
500g x 1, 1000g x 1 (or indicated)
  1. Red laser dot help to pre-determine the dropping point of the steel ball
  2. Protection wall around the testing area to prevent dropping ball popping out
Base plate 42 x 29 cm (or indicated)
Dimension 46 × 46 × 215 cm
Weight 40kg

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  • QC-633 Drop Dart Tester
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