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Product Serial : QC-633A
Electronic Drop Dart Impact Tester
Confirm to ASTM D1709 GB-9639 Standard

This tester is according to test standard of method A and method B. The test plastic film is clipped on dia. 127mm of round clamp by very quick pneumatic way. The impact head method A is dia. 38.1mm and method B is dia. 50.8mm. The impact head is fixed on top part of the machine. User should adjust suitable hammer weight and height, and control the electronic magnet to drop the hammer, which make falling impact on film to test its resistance ability. Generally, 20 pcs samples will be tested at a time and be recorded with information of rupture/no rupture, weight, and height. Through this way user can analyze the impact resistance ability of plastic film samples.


Plastic Film, Packaging

Sample Gripping Method Pneumatic ( air pressure 70~80 psi)
Dart Dropping Method Electronic magnet (to efficiently avoid vibration)
Specimen Frame Inner diameter ψ127mm, Outer diameterψ147mm
Dart diameter ψ38.1㎜ (Fiber reinforced plastics), ψ50.8㎜ (Stainless steel)
Dart stick material Stainless steel
Height Adjusting Method Manual
Height Range 300~1750 mm
Weights 5gx10、15gx10、30gx8、45gx8、60gx8、90gx8、120gx8、180gx3
Dimension 43 x 56 x 218cm
Machine weight 45kg
Power Supply AC 100~240V



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