Aging Oven

Product Serial : QC-607 M/L
Aging Oven
Confirm to JIS-K6301, ASTM-D5423 Standard

QC-607 M/L Dumbbell specimens made by vulcanized rubber, put them inside chamber and as per different materials characteristics, standards suggest to choose 70/100/120℃, time can choose 24/48/96/168 and so on various conditions to proceed with rubber aging. Comparison the tension strength and elongation change before and after aging.


Industry : Rubber

Model No. QC-607M QC-607L
Temperature range Normal +40℃ ~ 200℃
If over 200℃, heater that can up to 300℃ is for option
Control method Electric Digital temperature controller
(With dual thermo protector)
Temperature accuracy 0.1℃ displayer, microcomputer PID automatically
temperature-calculate controller ±0.3℃
Heating method Forced hot-air circulation. Two heaters for heating speed selection.
Timer 0~999 hours, manual setting, digital display,
automatically stop heating.
Rotating rocks Two layers, height adjustable
Accessories Two shelves, Shelves Height adjustable
(used for oven purpose)
Material Internal material:SUS #304 Stainless Steel
Outer material: Varnish
Feature ※With Manual ventilator to control air recycles with or without outer air and enhance the effect of dissipate heat
※0~999 hours, manual setting, digital display, automatically stop heating.
Voltage Single, 220V, 50Hz or 60Hz, 20A
Inner size 40 × 40 × 45 cm 50 × 50 × 60 cm
External size 74 × 64 × 118 cm 80 × 70 × 130 cm
Weight 75 kg 95 kg


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