Circular Sample Cutter

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Product Serial : QC-PS
Circular Sample Cutter
Confirm to ISO3801, ASTM D3776, GB/T4669, BS2471 Standard

QC-PS can cut specimens of area 100cm², weighing specimen unit weight, the balance of the required minimum reading value should reach 0.01 g. The cutter can cut specimens that thickness are 5 mm.


Cutting materials including textiles such as woven cloth, non-woven, knitted fabrics, etc., carpets, plastic film, styrofoam, paper or wood sheet, etc. This instrument is indispensable for clothing, dyeing industries.


Industry: Textile, Plastic, Paper

Model QC-PS
Sample area 100 cm²
Sample area Φ113 mm
Cutting thickness Around 5 mm
Dimension 17 × 17 × 13 cm
Weight 2 kg


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