Screw Penetrator

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Product Serial : YY-S20
Screw Penetrator

YY-S20 is designed to test self-tapping screws or drilling screws penetration ability, clamping iron plate on lower fixture, set rotating speed and load, put screws and then start machine. Screw rotates to penetrate through steel plate, evaluate from penetrating time and also can use together with special software for data acquisition and analysis


Industry: Metal

Load 30LB or indicated
Torque 3 ~ 30kg‧cm
Penetrating time 0.00 ~ 99.00 second
Memory set can memory 50 sets punching time
Motor Servo motor
Rotating speed 50 ~ 5000rpm
Screw length up to 75mm
Test quantity There row screws can be tested and with fixed position device.
  • Software
  1. Directly read penetrating time
  2. Can build screw data base
  3. Can build test standard deviation
  4. Statistics analysis: Average value, standard, Cp、Cpk, etc.
  5. Statistics diagram: Scatter diagram, normal state distribution diagram
Power Single phase 220V
Dimension 125 kg

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