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Product Serial : QC-PP & PPI
Force Gauge
QC-PP Mechanical Push-Pull Tester or QC-PPI Electronicis a small size, easy-operating, high resolution and portable equipment. HF Serial of digital push-pull test can do simple loading test on various test. Our design is special for lifting table. It can stable with direction and speed. It can match with software in full automatic of material test as well. It tests more convenience, accuracy and easy to analyze.
Mechanical type

Mode MAX Capacity MIN Scale Travel
Ak-1 1kgf 5gf 10mm
Ak-2 2kgf 10gf 10mm
Ak-5 5kgf 25gf 10mm
Ak-10 10kgf 50gf 10mm
Ak-20 20kgf 100gf 10mm
Ak-30 30kgf 200gf 10mm
Ak-50 50kgf 250gf 10mm

Electronic type

Mode HF-1 HF-10 HF-50 HF-100
Capacity ±1.0000kgf ±10.000kgf ±50.00kgf ±100.00kgf
Indicator LCD 4 digit
A/D Transfer 16 bit
Compute 8bit C-MOS TYPE
Safety Factor. 150%FS
Analog ±2V FS
Working time 10 hours (full power of battery , around 25℃)
Working Temp. 0 ~ 40℃
Power NI/CR re-chargeable battery and AC power adaptor(DC12V, 200MA)
Weight Around 460 g
Size 230 × 65 × 35 mm